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The magic key for Santa is a whimsical and enchanting item that ensures Santa's arrival in homes without chimneys. This extraordinary key, adorned with festive charms and glittering with a touch of holiday magic, serves as a gateway to the hearts of children all over the world. When placed outside the door on Christmas Eve, the magic key acts as a beacon for Santa, allowing him to enter and deliver gifts to homes that lack a traditional chimney. It's a tangible symbol of the wonder and belief that children hold for Santa Claus, and it keeps the spirit of Christmas alive, making sure that no child is left without the joy of Santa's visit on that special night.

Santa's Magic Key

SKU: Magic Santa Key
  • 3 inches x  2 inches

    These are hand crafted so no two are the same. 

  • Free shipping to any of the lower 48 states

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