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The Story of Wigtion's

“Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.”

The Wigtion family's decision to start a small woodworking business is not just about crafting beautiful wooden pieces; it's about crafting a stronger, closer family bond. Their journey into woodworking represents a shared commitment to learning together, growing together, and staying close as a family unit. As they embark on this entrepreneurial venture, they're not only creating handcrafted treasures but also priceless memories. Each member of the family brings their unique skills and talents to the table, making the business a reflection of their collective passion.


Production Manager

Chris Wigtion

As a newcomer to the world of woodworking, Chris embodies the spirit of curiosity and enthusiasm, and his dedication is truly inspiring. With the guidance and support of our friends and family, he's constantly honing his skills, embracing every challenge, and discovering the beauty of working with new materials. Chris' passion has not only brought our family closer but has also ignited a shared love for this craft. We are learning, experimenting, and growing as a team, and the process of creating together has become a source of joy and bonding for us. Chris' willingness to embrace new skills and share his passion has added a new dimension to our family dynamics, making our woodworking journey all the more enriching and meaningful.

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